All You Need To Know About Boat Davits

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A boat davit is a lifting and launching system for jet skis, dinghies, and other boats that weigh up to 11,000 pounds. Boat davits come in handy when boat owners are faced with restricted conditions such as no pilings allowed, seawalls only, or the presence of very shallow water. Boat davits can be a very economical alternative to standard boat lifts as they are user friendly and easy to install. Boat Lift Warehouse has a full selection of boat davits to choose from. So no matter what your needs, we’ve got you covered! Boat Davits | Boat Lift Warehouse

Types Of Boat Davits

Are you having trouble deciding which Boat Lift Warehouse boat davit is right for you? We offer three types of boat davits: seawall mounts, dock mounts, and pile mounts. Seawall mount davits feature a flat plate to a concrete pad mount and can lift up to 11,000 pounds. For added protection and easy maintenance, the seawall mounted davit uses machined rollers and can rotate up to 360 degrees to make inboarding a cinch. Dock mount davits are used for crafts up to 1,000 pounds and feature a flat plate that mounts to your dock. They also make life simple both in and out of the water with its 360-degree rotation. Pile mount boat davits wrap directly onto your piling and can hoist up to 4,000 pounds.

Each of these mount options is either manual or electric, depending on the lifting capacity of the mount that you purchase. The space required for each mount depends on the type of mounting you choose as well, so keep that in mind when deciding which boat davit is right for you. At least ¼ yard of concrete is required for seawall mounts, and pile-mounted davits require a piling that’s specifically strong enough for the vessel you are lifting with enough height and reach to keep your vessel out of the water.

Boat Lift Warehouse

Boat Lift Warehouse is dedicated to facilitating your shopping and buying experiences by providing the best quality boating products, excellent customer service, and easy to understand, accurate information about the products that we offer. Our highly qualified team is always more than happy to assist our customers in answering all of your questions to help you find the right boat lift products to meet each of your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about the boat davits we offer!

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