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Gangway is a term you don’t hear a lot, until you need one. So, we here at Boat Lift Warehouse decided to do a little digging. Here is what the internet had to offer: “A gangway is a narrow passage that joins the quarterdeck to the forecastle of a sailing ship. The term is also extended to mean the narrow passages used to board or disembark ships. Modern shipping uses gangways to embark and disembark passengers. Twentieth century extendible gangways used in the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney, Australia are now on the State’s heritage list.” (Wikipedia)

So, there you have it – it’s another way for passenger to load on and off your vessel. As time has moved on, we found that a gangway was a great way to load passengers in and out of land based structures, or houses. The aluminum construction of gangways that we carry are sturdy and dependable. They are built to last, and you’ll know that the very first time you set foot on one. There are always other options, like wooden gangways – but they are not the best in every scenario. Sometimes we only need gangways for a short time, or for a few years – in a scenario that would allow for easier removal.

Wooden gangways often cost more and have to be constructed. They also do not last like aluminum gangways. Being in the elements is rough on anything, especially wood. Our all aluminum gangways will last decades and are easy to set up. Of course each residential entryway is different, which may require some modification, but for the most part these are “plug and play”. These have been a big hit lately, and we don’t see that trend slowing down. When you have a great product, it sells itself. They come in a variety of measurements and are ADA compliant.

Gangways are of course still used for boating applications and come in various lengths and widths. The 3 foot wide version is available in up to 28 foot lengths and the 4 foot wide version is available up to 30 feet. Covering spans of that length you want to be sure you buy a quality gangway, and we have the best.

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