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The days are warming up, and so is the demand to be on the water this summer. Let’s be honest, you bought a boat, and now all of your family and friends are ready to hit the water alongside you. Now we at Boat Lift Warehouse think that everyone should be able to enjoy time on the water and that everyone should be able to bring whatever they need with them when they get ready to go out for the day. Whether it be a heavy cooler or a heavy piece of equipment, don’t hurt yourself trying to load things on your craft. This can all be avoided by purchasing a gangway.

What is a gangway?

A gangway is essentially something that allows you to travel between two things with ease. So think of this as a way to get to your boat without having to step over a huge gap between the dock and your boat. Most gangways are made of aluminum or other metals and let me tell you; boy do they take a lot of fear away from getting on and off the boat, especially if you have little ones who are super excited to climb aboard.

Gangway Uses

A gangway can be used for many things which is why we always recommend them to our customers! You can use a gangway to allow ease when boarding and exiting a craft when loading the craft with heavy items, as well as to help those family and friends that are bound to a wheelchair enjoy the boat life. We’ll get into that one in a minute though!

Commercial Gangways

Commercial gangways have many uses. The one thing to keep in mind when looking at gangways is that a commercial gangway should be your go-to if you’re dock is a high traffic area. This means that if you’re going to be putting a lot of weight on your gangway, then you will want to purchase a commercial unit.

ADA Approved Gangways

Now ADA certified gangways are a type of commercial gangways, but these gangways are made specifically for those who may need a gangway to be compatible with wheelchair usage. These gangways have extra bars as well as an easy exit ramp style that allows you to make sure any of your passengers with wheelchairs are safe when boarding and exiting the ship.

These ADA gangways come in both 3 and 4 foot, dependent upon your dock size. They come equipped with handrails that are shaped specifically for ease of use with wheelchairs! We have your passengers in mind and want to ensure that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the water this summer.

Residential Gangways

Another type of gangway we offer is the residential gangway. This gangway is ideal for residential use as it is easy to transport and the handrails are removable. The proprietary shaped handrail is more comfortable and easier to grab than generic tube handrails on competitors’ gangways. Residential gangways are recommended when there won’t be as much traffic on the gangway as there is when you are considering a commercial unit.

Whichever gangway you choose for your craft, know that Boat Lift Warehouse is here to help! Check out our online catalog of gangways and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Let’s get everyone on the water this summer!



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