Paddle Boarding Tips

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Don’t be the one that buys a paddle board but doesn’t know how to use it properly. When you first begin paddle boarding, there are many mistakes that you can potentially make that can be detrimental to your health. Whether you have purchased a stand-up paddle board, or have rented one at your local lake, check out our tips for getting started with your new paddle board. Keep reading and learn more and then go out and get on the water!

Use a Leash

It doesn’t matter if it is your first-time paddle boarding, or your 1,000th time, using a leash is imperative to your safety. Using a leash not only helps keep you safe, but it also keeps those around you safe. You also don’t have to stress losing your board, as great paddle boards can be costly.

Hold Your Paddle the Right Way

We’ve all done it before. You want the paddle to scoop the water as you try to balance and paddle without falling in. However, the paddle ends up going another way as it works more effectively when in the standing position. This also results in smoother strokes and less stress on your shoulders and elbows. As the shaft is the leading edge you pull the blade through the water in a slightly trailing position which aids in stability and as you perform the stroke, the blade is vertical providing the best angle for the most power.

Face the Right Direction

If your a non surfer, you may not know which end of your paddle board is the front/nose of the board. Many beginner boards have a large round nose and are tall which allows for excellent stability.

So before you jump on the board, check where the fins are and make sure they are in the back when you paddle! Keeping the fins at the back help keep the board straight while you paddle and make your overall experience more enjoyable!

Paddle With Your Core

Avoid paddling with your arms at all costs. This may sound strange but trust us. Paddling with your core is the key to success when paddleboarding. The muscles in your core are the strongest in your body and provide the most effective power for your strokes.

Fall the Right Way

When paddle boarding, especially if you are just starting out, chances are you’re going to fall. Just like how you can practice tricks and riding waves, you need to practice falling! Yes, falling. If you do not fall off of your board properly, you may injure yourself or others around you. The key to falling correctly is to fall away from your board. Clearing the board when you fall will let you collapse gracefully into the water and not hit your head on the board. Don’t worry about losing your board though, if you’re using the leash like we recommend your board won’t go anywhere.

Take Care of Your Board & Paddle

This is imperative to not only your ability to have a great time, as well as your ability to paddle board safely. Paddleboards and paddles are both fragile pieces of equipment, and you want to protect and take care of your investments!


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