Which Gangway is Right for You?

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Gangways make it easier to maneuver to and from land. It is useful in loading passengers on and off your vessel. They come in various lengths and widths to fit your needs. At Boat Lift Warehouse, we offer quality gangways which include Aluminum, ADA Aluminum, and Residential.

Aluminum Gangways

Aluminum gangways are the perfect bridge between your boat and your dock for safe boarding. All aluminum gangways will last decades and are easy to set up. These gangways are a “one size fits all” style, but we understand each residential entryway is different and may require some modification, so we are ready to help.

ADA Aluminum Gangways

Accessibility is available even on the waterfront! ADA aluminum gangways are manufactured to American Disabilities Act standards for safety and ease of use. Additionally, thesy are great for commercial areas with high traffic with its two handrails and proprietary shape for easier use. The ADA standard ramp with grab-bars is installed inside the handrails at a lower height for wheelchair use. Full-length kick plates are installed on both sides at the base for safety to prevent sliding off the edge along with anti-skid aluminum decking to prevent slippage. A full-length hinge is attached at one end and rollers with an included exit ramp at the opposite end. ADA aluminum gangways are manufactured from structural aluminum components for strength and durability, primarily used by passengers as a standard exit ramp.

Residential Gangways

Residential gangways are perfect for connecting your different level docks for easy and accessible moving. At Boat Lift Warehouse, our residential gangways are designed for comfort and convenience. It is ideal for residential applications as it is easy to transport and the handrails are removable. The proprietary shaped handrail is more comfortable and easier to grab than generic tube handrails on competitors’ gangways. The textured aluminum decking help provide sure footing even when wet. The attachment end includes a full-length hinge and the opposite end is built with rollers and an angled transition plate.

Boat Lift Warehouse

Boat Lift Warehouse in Snow Hill, NC has been serving customers worldwide since 2004. We provide you with boat lifts, boat lift motors, parts, and accessories and we are dedicated to finding the right boat lift solution for you. Contact us today for all your boat lift and marine accessory needs.

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