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3/4 HP – 1 HP Boat Lift Motor Start Capacitor


Start capacitors are located in the housing on the side of the motor. Start capacitors briefly increases motor starting torque. In boat lifts, when a boat lift motor has a very sluggish start or just hums, it is a typical indicator the start capacitor should be replaced. Replacing a start capacitor is as easy as replacing a battery. It requires no entry into the motor or working with any of the internal wiring.

Start capacitor power is measured by units of capacitance, labeled in microfarads (uF). This is the ability of a body to store an electrical charge; the smaller the number the less the charge. Most known 56-frame, single phase, 3/4hp – 1 HP boat lift motors use start capacitors with a uF capacitance as low as 480.

This capacitor has been tested for the listed brands to be used as a universal capacitor, however you will still need to measure the inside of the housing to insure that this start capacitor will fit. This capacitor could differ in size, color and markings as the capacitor on your existing motor. Take caution when working with any electrical component and insure that the motor is un-plugged before attempting to change the capacitor. A start capacitor can still have the ability to shock you even when the motor is un-plugged.

We always recommends you hire a licensed electrician for any work done on electric motors.


MICROFARADS (uF) 415 – 465 1-3/1.7 %
VAC 165
UL E475013
Hz 50/60
Code 21/65/21
OEM for Elite Painted 3/4 HP
Universal for Marathon, AO Smith, Leeson, & Other 3/4 HP Boat Lift Motors
Cap Dimensions 2.75 (L) x 1.50″
Weight Less than 1 lb.


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