3 Foot Commercial ADA Gangways with Standard Exit Ramp

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Accessibility is available on the waterfront! These gangways manufactured to American Disabilities Act standards for safety and ease of use. Two handrails with proprietary shape are easier to use than competitors’ generic tubing handrails. Additionally, the ADA standard ramp with grab-bars that are installed inside these handrails at a lower height for wheelchair use. Full-length kick plate installed on both sides at the base for safety to prevent sliding off the edge. Anti-skid aluminum decking and chicken strips help prevent slippage. Full-length hinge is attached at one end and rollers with an included exit ramp at the opposite end. Manufactured from structural aluminum components for strength and durability.


  • ADA compliant marine gangway
  • Grab bars for wheelchair access installed inside handrails
  • Full-length kick-plate for safety
  • Marine aluminum construction
  • Proprietary handrail shape for comfort (2 handrails)
  • Hinge attachment at stationary end
  • Rollers and standard exit ramp with wear pad at moving end
  • Textured aluminum decking for sure footing
  • Structural aluminum components for strength and durability