8 Inch Wide Weighted Slings

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The 8-Inch Wide Weighted sling is manufactured from strong polyester and includes lead weights sewn into the double kneel pad. The weights help keep the shape of the sling and help keep it from floating, but the weights are not enough to keep adequate tension on the boat lift cable. It is recommended to use additional cable weights to keep more tension on the cable.

The weighted slings are made from marine-grade polyester and have UV inhibitors on the slings. The dyed coloring process guarantees that it will not transfer to your watercraft’s finish. The dual-sided galvanized 5/8 in. thick pear rings feature sheaf guards for protection.

Boat lift slings are an economical alternative to steel or aluminum cradles.

It is not recommended that all ships be hoisted with slings. Please contact the boat manufacturer before attempting to hoist the boat with a sling. Not for lifting humans or overhead loads.


  • Length: 14 ft – 20 ft
  • Width: 8″ wide
  • Slings are measured from end of pear ring
  • Rating 12,000 lbs. (basket)
  • Lead weights are sewn in
  • Made from marine grade polyester
  • Dye color process with UV inhibitors
  • Double padded kneel pads
  • 6,000 lb. raised stamp pear rings on each end of the sling


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