BŌT RŌP® Retractable Mooring Line


BŌT RŌP® Retractable Mooring Line


The BōT RōP® Retractable Mooring Line is an innovative retractable mooring line that replaces traditional three-strand dock lines and toe-stubbing cleats. In addition, the mooring lines are patent-pending. The BōT RōP® retractable mooring system stores and protects the double braided nautical line and the plastic-coated snap hook, both inside a rust-proof enclosure. Flush to the surface, there’s nothing to trip over, thus providing safety while walking on the dock. Also, the retractable mooring lines mooring system comes with a solar light for visibility at night.


1/2″ Double Braid Nylon Rope
Solar LED light for Night Function
Automatic Retractable System
Lockable Lid

Material: 1/2″ Double Braid Nylon Rope
Rope Length: 9 1/2 ft.
Coating: Various Metals to Prevent Corrosion & Rust
Lid: Lockable
Holes: Drain
Light: Solar LED
Snap Hook: Customized/Coated
Diameter: 7″
Depth: 4″
Coiling: Automatic Retractable
Rope: Adjustable (Tidal/Rough Conditions)


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