Barnacle Pro Portable Speaker for Boat

Barnacle Pro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Starting at: $66.94

Tidal Blue Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Golf Model Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Galapagos Green Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Pelagic Blue Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Sea Palm Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Sea Glass Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Sea Stone Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Great White Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Orca Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94
Tripper Fish Boat Bluetooth Speaker$66.94


Limitless Versatility. Designed to empower a revolutionary music experience.
The world’s most dynamic speaker: The Barnacle Pro redefines the purpose and possibilities of Bluetooth® speakers. GoPro® Mount included tool-free universal mounting capabilities, 8GB of iTunes® .M4A compatible internal storage (~ 2,000 songs), and True Wireless dual-speaker pairing. This seemingly Swiss-inspired speaker is designed to suit your active lifestyle and set the tone for any aquatic adventure. The Barnacle Pro’s modern facade blends fashion with unprecedented outdoor functionality: virtually indestructible in & out of water.

Speaqua’s Water Play Technology offers the ability to continuously listen to your music without ever disconnecting, in or out of water.
Product’s enabled with Water Play rank for the highest level of waterproofing capacity (IP68) and have the ability to store music offline (Internal Memory). This pairing surpasses the problematic nature of traditional Bluetooth® speakers that cut out when submersed or when separated from a smart device.
Water Play allows you to listen to your music anywhere, with or without your phone.


  • Powerful Audio with ultra-deep bass performance plays loud and clear outdoors
  • 100% Waterproof (IP68)
  • Stores 2,000 songs
  • 4-in-1 mounting system
  • Dual speaker pairing
  • Bluetooth
  • Shockproof
  • 8-hour battery
  • Removable suction
  • 2.75 x 2.75 x 3.3 inches
  • speakerphone
  • Dust/Sand proof
  • Floatable
  • Water Play enabled


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