Beach Comber Lake Rake


Beach Comber Lake Rakes


The Beachcomber Lake Rake helps you keep your shoreline looking great and weed free. Quickly and safely remove those pesky lake weeds and reclaim your swimming area. No need to use expensive mechanical equipment which may require special permits, or harmful chemicals that may not work as advertised, or worse, may be harmful to fish and other aquatic animals.

The Lake Rake removes lake weeds by disturbing the lake bottom with its durable plastic tines and cutting through vegetation with the nylon cutting string that is threaded through each tine. A convenient rope lets you get to those hard to reach places by allowing you to toss the lake rake into deeper water while retrieving it from shore.

Optional accessories include Lake Rake floats that help you remove floating aquatic vegetation and debris. Replacement teeth are available for the lake rake and can be purchased individually or as a kit.


• Inexpensive cleaning equipment

• Includes 22 rake teeth

• Easily remove weeds and algae from water

• Environmentally friendly



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