Black Flat Pile Caps

Starting at: $7.59$2.70

6″-Black Flat Pile Cap$7.59
6.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$7.79
7″-Black Flat Pile Cap $2.70
7.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap $2.74
8″-Black Flat Pile Cap$9.99
8.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$10.49
9″-Black Flat Pile Cap$11.49
9.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$12.09
10″-Black Flat Pile Cap$14.59
10.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$14.99
11″-Black Flat Pile Cap$15.99
11.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$16.89
12″-Black Flat Pile Cap$17.59
12.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$13.65
13″-Black Flat Pile Cap$25.24
13.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$25.57
14″-Black Flat Pile Cap$26.88
14.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$28.33
15″-Black Flat Pile Cap$30.14
15.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$30.98
16″-Black Flat Pile Cap$32.25
16.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$34.26
17″-Black Flat Pile Cap$39.17
17.5″-Black Flat Pile Cap$40.17
18″-Black Flat Pile Cap$42.23


Note: Double-check your measurements before buying black flat pile caps.  Piling tops may not measure the same in both directions.  Caps have 1/8 in. – 1/4 in. play to allow for installation.  See How to Measure for Pile Caps.

Dock piling caps protect pilings from internal rot. Now available in cone or flat top. Prevent costly replacement of pilings by protecting them with our pile caps. piling caps are available in black or white.

Piling caps have a 1/16 inch wall thickness. Black pile caps are made from heavy UV resistant, low density, polyethylene with an estimated life in excess of 15 years. The white caps are durable TPR synthetic rubber with a life expectancy of 7 years.

A 25% restocking fee will be charged on returned or exchanged piling caps.  Please double-check your measurements before ordering.