DLB 800 LB Dutton-Lainson Brake Winch



DLB 800 LB Dutton-Lainson Brake Winch


DLB 800 lb Dutton-Lainson Brake Winch is used on Demco and Dock Shuttle Dock Side Lifts. Dutton-Lainson Brake Winches are ideal for PWC lifts and davits. Brake winches are self-locking, which provides safety because the winch will not “free-spool.” The automatic friction brake provides a constant positive holding action and prevents a runaway load. The brake is fully automatic and the load remains in position.

Many of the same design features as popular D-L trailer winches, but with some important differences. These winches can be used for vertical lifting, whereas trailer winches are for horizontal pulling only. Does not have a ratchet, so they’re always “in gear.” There is no neutral, or free-wheel mode. A friction braking system is built into the winch so that it is always locked in place any time the handle is released.


  • Will not back feed
  • Requires rotating handle both ways
  • No free-wheel
  • Perfect for small lifts


Product Dimensions: 6 9/64″ x 6 21/32″ x 5 33/64″

Drum Hub Diam: 1 7/8 in

Gear : Ratio: 4/4:1

Mech. Advantage: 29.9

Handle Length: 7 in

Material: Steel

Maximum Drum Cap.: 3/16″ cable x 68′ or 2″ Strap

Product Weight: 7.67 lb


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