Eaton Lighthouse (METERED)

Starting at: $873.10


The metered lighthouse is one of our most popular units. The all-purpose Lighthouse pedestal with meter has a wide range of features. With units in service around the world, this stylish power pedestal is recognized for its practicality and exceptional durability.



Power configuration choices are expressed as outlet-outlet , outlet-outlet.  up to 4 outlets, two per side.

Side One ,  Side Two

00-00 ,  00-00

*see photo of chart for details or click on link under instructions tab.

**This product is built to order and the lead time varies.


Polycarbonate (Lexan) housing with UV coating
13 Watt Light with Photocell
Lockable weatherproof doors
Hose and cable brackets
Backlit faceplate for plug-in at night