ShoreStation Aluminum Frame Canopy Cover – 13oz Vinyl

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Made to order. Three-week lead time.


Experience premium protection from the elements with ShoreStation’s 13oz Vinyl Aluminum Frame Canopy Cover. Cover options are designed specifically to fit the appropriate size ShoreStation aluminum canopy frames.  High-Quality construction and design featuring straight seams that are heat welded with a 1″ overlap seam, as well as canopy ends that are double sewn and then top-stitched for superior durability.

This canopy cover comes in three material options:  HarborTime, 13oz Vinyl, and WeatherMax.  Each cover is offered with a variety of color options to choose from.  The canopy frame is not included.

Please be sure to measure your canopy frame and select the appropriate size cover (guide available in photos). 


When ordering your aftermarket ShoreStation aluminum canopy cover, please select the appropriate cover size for your specific ShoreStation aluminum canopy frame from the “Canopy Cover Size Selector” drop-down provided directly below the product title. If you are looking for a size chart, please see the “Measurement Guide” in the gallery photos.

Attachment Steps for Continue Bungee

  • We will provide you with our universal attachment system, which attaches to the frame with continuous bungee rope and “S” hooks
  • Thread the continuous bungee rope back to front into the EasyLash button holes before and after each bow, 6″ to 9″ apart. DO NOT thread bungee into each buttonhole. DO NOT cut your bungee into pieces.
  • Thread bungee around the entire canopy and tie both ends together in a simple knot. Do not pull the bungee tight; make sure rope is slightly slacked but will still hold the canopy tight to the frame.
  • Place “S” hooks into holes in each of the canopy frame bows.
  • Lift the bungee rope upward and hook the rope onto “S” in a saw tooth pattern around the frame.


13oz covers provide excellent tear, UV, mold, and mildew resistance and are lighter than the industry standard, providing easier installation and removal without sacrificing the durability or moisture and UV protection that you expect from a premium canopy cover. Heat-sealed welded seams make this one of the most durable choices available for a boat lift canopy cover.
This material weighs 13 oz per square yard and is the most common choice for our boat lift canopy customers. It is tough – durable, and colorfast. It is used for numerous industrial applications because of its durability and finish. It is heat-sealed in our manufacturing facility, thereby eliminating some sewing over the top of the canopy.


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