Universal Bk Bracket 22 inch – 4,5,6″ I-beam w/ Hardware, Set of 4



Universal Bunk Bracket Set of 4, 22in – 4in, 5in or 6in I-Beam with Hardware


The 22” Universal Bunk Bracket is hot-dipped galvanized and matches the original ACE Labs item 834L. Made from a stamped piece of ¼” steel, laser cut for a clean professional look. Universal chock angles are adaptable to most any I-beam style cradle. ½” holes are 1.5” center to center and span the entire 22” length to guarantee a right fit. This item is a set of 8 and comes with hardware.


  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Stamped from 1/4 in. steel
  • Laser-cut for a professional look
  • Direct matches to Ace Labs angles
  • Fits many types of I-beam boat cradle styles
  • Multiple lengths include 16 in. and 22 in. long
  • Single angle doesn’t have mounting fasteners
  • Box of 8 comes with mounting fasteners

Ace Labs #:   834L
Weight:   4.5 lbs.
Measurements:   22 in. x 2 in. (each flange)
Mounting Hole Size:   1/2 in.
Hole Spacing:   1 1/2 in. (center-to-center)
Material:   Steel
Finish:   Hot-dipped galvanized



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