6 Reasons to Kayak this Summer

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While Boat Lift Warehouse is known for our boat lifts and parts, we also carry some items that you might overlook. We also carry kayaks. Kayaks are a great addition to any outdoor adventure. And before you write them off here are a few reasons you should kayak this Summer. 

So, Why Kayak?

It is Versatile and Adaptable

You can almost kayak in any body of water, whether its a river, lake, ocean or even a pool (a very large pool). Within those bodies of water, there are many different uses. These opportunities range from leisure paddling to marathon racing or even water polo.

Offer Adventure

Typically, kayaking is thought of as either a vacation activity for the kids or as a sightseeing opportunity for older people. But in reality, if you are looking for thrills, wild water kayaking over waterfalls is about as intense as you can get. And if you aren’t looking for something that extreme then long journeys on kayaks can bring the ultimate sense of exploration.

Stress Relief

Stress relief might be the most commonly talked about the benefit of kayaking, and it’s honestly not that hard to imagine. There are both mental and emotional benefits of paddling. Kayaking provides a feeling of relaxation and calmness that cannot be matched.


Kayaking offers an unbelievable core workout. Besides working the arms, shoulders, and back it also directly works the core muscles that often get neglected. Additionally, it is a fantastic aerobic activity (that we promise you’ll love).

All Ages

Any person of any age can enjoy a kayaking experience. A tandem kayak can even allow an older person to enjoy a ride and contribute when they feel like it (if they are too weak to kayak alone). So, if you are looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy, kayaking is right for you.


Above all else, kayaking is absolutely a fun and enjoyable experience. It is pretty hard to be anything but happy when paddling out in the water. There is no better reason to try an outdoor activity than to simply have fun and put a smile on your face!

So, if you are in the market for some extra fun (that also provides a ton of other benefits) look no further than Boat Lift Warehouse. At Boat Lift Warehouse we offer extensive selection styles and brands of kayaks. And if we haven’t sold you yet on the fun that kayaking offers than feel free to contact us today regarding any questions or concerns.

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