Terms and Conditions


  • Payment is due at time of order.
  • No delivery time is guaranteed unless provided in writing.
  • Returned products are subject to a 25% restocking fee, must be unused in original packaging, and must be returned with permission and instructions from Boat Lift Warehouse.
  • Warranties are provided by the respective product manufacturer, which must be able to inspect a defective product before a part is replaced or repaired.
  • BEFORE you sign the delivery ticket, make sure delivery is complete and no visible damages are present.
  • Products must be inspected within 48 hours of receipt for shortages. Shortages are not replaced after installation has begun.
  • Large items are shipped using 3rd party freight carriers. The end-user is responsible for working with the freight carrier to arrange delivery at the location or pick up at the terminal. For more information, see the Freight section.


All pricing must be obtained from Boat Lift Warehouse (BLW) in writing. All prices are subject to change without notice. For larger orders, special pricing may be obtained upon request on a case-by-case basis.

Ordering and Payment

Payment is due at the time of order. Accepted payment methods are certified check and credit card. If payment is to be made with a company check, prior approval must be obtained from BLW management, and BLW may hold the check for a period of time until it clears, which may delay an order. Any other payment arrangements must be made with BLW management and must be obtained in writing prior to ordering.

Rush Order Processing

When an order is placed with Rush Order Processing, we make our best effort to get the order shipped as quickly as possible, many times even on the same day. It is an extra fee and does NOT include any guaranteed date of delivery. It is simply that we work to place this order as a priority for customers who may need a product quicker than normal. If a customer wishes to use a special 3-day, 2-day, or guaranteed shipping method, we automatically include the Rush Order Processing at only the cost of the shipping.

Customized Products

Some custom products may be ordered through Boat Lift Warehouse. Customization usually costs extra, and sometimes extra costs may be incurred by only estimating custom products, particularly if additional engineering must be done for the product. Some customized products may not be covered by any warranty, and other conditions may apply. Once an order has been placed for a customized product and the customization process has begun, the sale is final, and the product can not be returned, even if it has not yet been shipped. Contact Boat Lift Warehouse for details.

Shipping and Returns

Freight Delivery

Large items shipped via freight carriers require coordination between the recipient and the carrier for successful delivery. Freight companies do not provide door-to-door service like UPS/FedEx. The recipient is responsible for arranging delivery details and logistics, including unloading if needed.

Please note that some freight carriers do not have lift gates on their trucks at all terminal locations. You may need to arrange for a forklift or other equipment to unload your item. In most cases having two people to help offload will suffice.

If delivery issues arise, Boatlift Warehouse is not responsible for matters such as limited truck access, gates, neighborhood restrictions, recipient availability, or other impediments. The freight company will attempt to coordinate with the recipient, but if delivery arrangements cannot be made, the shipment will be returned to Boat Lift Warehouse. The purchaser will be charged for all freight costs and a 25% restocking fee.

Boatlift Warehouse cannot guarantee special delivery requests from customers. These must be arranged directly between the recipient and the carrier. If you foresee issues with accommodating a freight truck at your location, we recommend shipping to a commercial address that can accept freight deliveries.

Residential Deliveries

Shipping and freight companies may charge an additional fee on top of the original freight charge if delivering in a residential area. Shipping and freight companies each have their own definitions of residential delivery.

Freight Quotes

Please contact Boat Lift Warehouse for a freight quote. We will quote freight based on information supplied by the customer at that time. Boat Lift Warehouse will not be held responsible for this quote if unforeseen charges are applied such as a residential delivery charge. Due to the fluctuation of fuel costs, all freight quotes supplied by Boat Lift Warehouse will be considered an estimate. If actual billed charges are higher than what was quoted, the customer will be responsible to pay the difference.  Some products may be shipped directly from other warehouses so even an order picked up at the Boat Lift Warehouse main warehouse may incur some shipping costs.

Unforeseen Freight Charges

Sometimes freight companies will impose unforeseen charges, such as missed delivery attempts or residential charges. If this happens, Boatlift Warehouse will bill the customer for these charges. If a customer has already paid the invoice by credit card, Boatlift Warehouse reserves the right to run the credit card again for these charges. Boatlift Warehouse will provide proof that these charges were applied to Boatlift Warehouse by the shipping company per the customer’s request. If contesting these charges, contact the Boatlift Warehouse shipping department to complete a claim. Boatlift Warehouse will not credit any charges until the claim is approved by the said shipping company.

Receiving Freight or a Shipment

Signing the delivery ticket as received is a contractual agreement transferring ownership of the shipment from Boatlift Warehouse to the signee. BEFORE you sign the delivery ticket make sure delivery is complete and no visible damages are present. If items are missing or damaged either notate this on the delivery ticket and have the driver sign this notation or refuse the shipment. If the shipment is delivered and signed as a complete delivery, then it is understood by Boatlift Warehouse that the shipment arrived complete with no damage.

Boat Lift Warehouse charges a 25% restocking fee plus shipping on all returned orders. Used items can not be returned. All returned orders must have an authorization from Boat Lift Warehouse or the return will not be accepted. Boat Lift Warehouse charges a 25% restocking fee on all canceled orders. Orders may only be canceled if they have not been shipped for all stock items. For any item that has been customized or modified in any way for a specific order, the order may only be canceled if the item has not yet been manufactured and the raw materials specific to that item have not yet been ordered. For any refused acceptance of a shipment, Boat Lift Warehouse will charge a return fee or a reshipment fee that varies based on the current shipping costs at the time. Returns are subject to the following conditions:

  • Boat Lift Warehouse is not required to accept any returns, especially if we no longer carry the product.
  • All returns must be unused items in a re-sellable (like new) condition within 60 days.
  • All returned items must be stock items that have not been customized in any way.
  • All returned items incur a 25% restocking fee, no shipping costs are refunded.
  • All returned items will be inspected for condition upon receipt.
  • All returned items must be approved by Boat Lift Warehouse beforehand and the customer must write the return authorization number, if provided, on all of the packages.
  • Return authorizations expire after 14 days and a returned product after this time will not be accepted.
  • Customers are responsible for shipping and packaging costs and returning the items to Boat Lift Warehouse.
  • Customers are responsible for inspecting their entire shipments within 48 hours of receipt for any shortages or incorrect items. Returns may not be possible after this time period has passed.
  • Once installation of a product has begun, no shortages will be replaced so product must be checked before installation. Please contact Boat Lift Warehouse for further details.

Installation and Warranty

The only warranties that our products carry are manufacturer’s warranties. We do not warrant any products under any conditions. All products should be installed by qualified installers, see the manufacturer’s specifications for details or ask your Boat Lift Warehouse representative. Boat Lift Warehouse also does not pay for any labor, shipping, or other costs incurred as a result of a warranty claim.

All warranty claims are subject to the following conditions:

  • The customer must contact Boat Lift Warehouse to get authorization to begin a warranty claim and to verify that the customer has a valid warranty claim. Boat Lift Warehouse and its vendors do not accept returned products without the appropriate paperwork in place.
  • Boat Lift Warehouse does not provide ANY warranty on ANY products. All warrantied products are covered by their respective manufacturers and/or vendors.
  • The provider of each warranty has their own procedures for filing claims and obtaining replacement parts. These procedures are not created by Boat Lift Warehouse, but must be followed exactly in order to fall under the warranty as provided.
  • All warranty providers have the right to inspect any item for which a claim is filed before awarding any replacement parts and therefore are not required to provide any replacement parts or compensation before receiving and inspecting the items including shipping and labor costs.
  • Boat Lift Warehouse does not provide any warranties, and does not provide any compensation for any costs of shipping or labor or other costs incurred because of a warranty claim or any defective or incorrect items.
  • Customers are responsible for inspecting their entire shipments within 48 hours of receipt for any damages or incorrect items. Returns may not be possible after this time period has passed. Once installation of a product has begun, no shortages will be replaced so product must be checked before installation. Please contact Boat Lift Warehouse for further details.

Boat Lift Installation

  • Installation of a lift product requires mechanical experience, the use of power tools, and possibly some construction knowledge of the structure where this product is to be installed. The installer should be comfortable in using the required tools and is responsible for ensuring that the structure on which this product is to be installed is suitable for this product.
  • No person or live animal should ever be on a lift when it is operating, or even in a craft on a lift while the lift is operating or stationary
    All warranties provided by the manufacturer only. Boat Lift Warehouse is not responsible for warranty problems, but will assist in resolving any warranty issues with the manufacturer.
  • The receiver of this product should inspect it and compare it to the parts list provided by the manufacturer to make sure that all parts are accounted for and that no parts are damaged. Any parts which may be missing or damaged must be reported within 48 hours of receipt in order to process any claim and have the parts replaced at no charge. Once installation of a product has begun, no shortages will be replaced.

Last Updated: April 5, 2023