Advantages Of A Boat Lift

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If you’ve ever thought about installing a boat lift for your vessel, stop thinking and do it! There are many different advantages to a boat lift ranging from increasing the life of your boat to keeping your boat safe!

  1. Less cleaning – When you store your boat in the water, the constant contact with water can cause algae to build up on along the surface. If you choose to invest in a boat lift however, it does not require as much time dedicated to cleaning the bottom because the lift keeps the boat out of the water when not in use. Add in a canopy to your lift and you are protecting all aspects of your vessel.
  2. More time for fun – On the other side of the spectrum, trailering your boat after each use is a time-consuming task. It can take away from the time you actually get to spend out on the water enjoying all of the activities boating has to offer! When you keep your boat on a lift, your fun is at your fingertips!
  3. Money saving – Though the initial investment in a boat lift may seem daunting at first, keeping your boat stored dry and out of the water will actually save you money in the long run. A boat that is stored dry and out of the water increases the resale value by approximately 10-20% in comparison to those stored in the water. Dry storing your boat will also help to keep the bottom clean which enhances performance, gas mileage, and the need to repaint.
  4. Vessel Damage – Storing your boat in the water can cause the hull to accumulate blisters and can also cause damage to outdrives, props, and shafts from the constant contact with the water. Overall, storing your boat on a lift out of the water will greatly decrease the wear and tear your boat sustains.
  5. No more worrying – Approximately two out of three boat that sink, sink at a dock. These occurrences were mainly caused by slow wear and tear to the vessel that results in a slow leak and eventual sinking. This could be avoided by keeping your boat on a lift and out of the harm of sinking!

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