Boat Lift Cable Maintenance Tips

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A boat lift can help protect your vessel from water damage and makes departures and docking more convenient. However, this requires your boat lift to be operable, so you must perform regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. This will help keep your boat lift performing as it should for years.

Maintain Cables

If your boat lift cables are not maintained properly, it can result in damage to your boat, dock, and lift as well as the possibility of injury. Take notice of things that may reduce the performance of your boat lift, such as corrosion, misalignment, overloading, chafing, improper drum winding, or cables without tension.


Do your part in preventing corrosion by rinsing your boat lift with fresh water after each use. Your boat should not be left in saltwater for long periods of time as metal parts can rust or corrode, reducing the lifespan of your lift cables significantly. Corrosion is a common occurrence in galvanized cables, but evidence is often unseen until the layer that protects the galvanized cables wears through.


Abrasive wear can occur on the inside and outside of cables due to individual strands rubbing against one another. Penetrating lubricants can be used to provide corrosion protection by lubricating to the core of the cable between strands and the exterior surfaces. These lubricants also help remove dirt and contaminants from external surfaces. Proper lubrication can increase the life of your boat’s cables significantly.


Inspect your boat lift cables regularly, keeping an eye out for wear and tear as it can eventually lead to more serious damage that can end up costing you. Make sure the cables are winding correctly. If you see any signs of fraying, rust spots, kinks, broken strands, or other abnormalities, it is time to replace your cables.


If you notice any signs of wear, contact a professional to get an expert’s opinion on whether or not your cables need replacing. It is recommended to replace stainless steel cables after two years of regular use, even if visible signs of wear are absent. Do not attempt to extend the life of your cables as it may cause damage to your boat.

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