Choosing the Best Boat Lift Remote

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There are many benefits to having a remote-controlled boat lift system. Electric-operated boat lifts provide convenience and ease, allowing you to save and time and energy. After a day on the water, a boat lift remote provides you with the ability to lower and raise the lift on command, making docking your boat a breeze. This also makes your boat more accessible, allowing you to adjust the height of the boat in order to easier board the boat.

Remote controls are often made for one motor, two motor, or four motor units. They can be operated from either the control box or the use of a transmitter or remote. Remotes give you much more command over the boat lift allowing you to set your own pre-set upper and lower limits, as well as being safer and easier to use. You are often able to program plural elevations into the system so that they correspond to low tide, high tide, a storage elevation and a loading elevation. All of these presets can help prevent dangerous boating situations and protect your boat and yourself while operating your boat lift.

Featured Products:

At Boat Lift Warehouse we have multiple boat lift remote options to choose from. One of our featured products is the GEM 2 Motor Remote with Auto Stop. GEM Remote Control Systems are made for one motor, two motor, or four motor units. The system is also top of the line for convenience with many features such as Auto Stop. Auto Stop allows for one-touch operation, so you do not have to hold the button until the lift is in the correct position. In order to enable Auto-Stop, you must also choose the type of limit switch that fits the boat hoist that you have.

There are certain options for flat-plate drives and Aqua Marine E-Gears; you can follow the chart on our website to help determine the best remote for your needs.

Another featured product is the TEC II Remote Control System. The TEC II System is one of the most convenient options on the market with up to a five-hundred-foot range and easy-to-install connections. The TEC II is designed for one motor or two motor boat lifts and comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. This remote control system is also UL safety certified, meaning it is been thoroughly tested to give you peace of mind.  

If you’re not in the need for a full system, we do have many separate pieces here at Boat Lift Warehouse. We have many remote keys, transmitters, limit switches, and flat plates to choose

from. Our Rotary Limit Switch with Wire is perfect for protecting your boat and boathouse with upper and lower travel stops! For more information about our boat lift remote products, visit our website or contact us today!

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