Choosing the Best Underwater Dock Lights

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Having an efficient and reliable dock is important to your overall boating experience. There are many elements that you can add to build the ultimate environment, one of these is underwater dock lights. With multiple options, there are many things you should consider when buying the appropriate lighting system to fit your needs.


Dock lights are essential for improving your dock experience as well as making you feel safe and comfortable. One thing you should consider when purchasing dock lights is the location of your dock. The area around your dock is important because water salinity and transparency can impact the type of lights you should purchase. You want to ensure that the lights will be bright enough to adequately shine through the water. The higher the voltage, or total Lumens, the brighter the light will be which is ideal for brackish water.


Another feature you should consider is the quality of the light. Good quality dock lights often last over thirty years when used only 3 hours per day. The quality of the light should also be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Making an investment in a higher quality product will last for many more years and help you cut down on costs. However, when purchasing dock lights you should always research the seller and ensure you will make the most of your investment. There are many online options for cheaper versions from untrusted websites, so buying a higher quality product from a trusted seller can often benefit you in the long run. Higher quality lights can also make you feel more relaxed and comfortable when lounging on your dock with children or pets. You can feel safer knowing you can see what’s in the water around you.


One of the most important factors to consider is the main purpose of your lights. There are a wide range of underwater dock lights that can influence which product you should purchase. Dock lights can be perfect for many uses including attracting fish, the use of flounder gigging, or for increasing the enjoyment of a late night swim. Depending on your needs, there are different features for each of these activities. This can impact the wattage, brightness, and color you’d end up needing. Purpose of the light can also affect whether you should purchase a fully submerged light or hand held rechargeable models.


Not only is the quality of your lights important, you should also consider how energy efficient the dock lights are. The best quality lights will be powerful, while using the lowest possible wattage. Lighting systems that implement LED technology are often high quality as well as environmentally friendly. The more energy efficient, the more cost savings you will incur as well as an increased lifespan of the system.


An underwater lighting system is a great way to implement safety and improve the quality of your dock. At Boat Lift Warehouse we have multiple submersible lighting systems with different wattage options. For more information give us a call at 877.468.5438 today!


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