Common Causes of Boat Damage

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No matter what type of boat you own, accidents are bound to happen. Even the most experienced boaters can come across damage due to the occasional human error, inclement weather, rough waters, or other boaters. Prevent or minimize the severity of the damage by following these tips:

Submerged Objects

Storms and low water levels can lead to boats colliding with objects that are submerged under the water’s surface. The damage will vary depending on the object encountered, whether it be a floating piece of dock or a hidden sandbar, as well as the speed of the boat when the collision occurs. Damage to the hull can cause water to seep in, mechanical failures, and possibly even sinking. Always keep an eye out while boating, especially if you are on a river, an area that suffered a storm, or near ports with construction. If you hit a submerged object, immediately check for water leaks, smoke, or oil spills. Slowly make your way back to the docks and have the boat inspected for damage before returning to the water again.

Dock Rash

Boats can easily be damaged from rubbing against a dock, piling, or other boats. It may just have a few scratches, or there may be structural damage from transferred force to other parts of the boat. There are a variety of safety devices to minimize rash or avoid it altogether, depending on water commotion, size, and type of boat. Mooring whips, bumpers, and fenders are effective methods. Consider using a custom boat cover or indoor storage facility.

Extreme Weather

Snowfalls, hailstorms, hurricanes, and other extreme weather conditions can cause trouble for boats. If you live far away from a dock or don’t use your boat often, storing it ashore would be best. Add extra jack stands, have them supported by plywood, and chained together.


Collision damage is typically more severe than those involving fixed objects, such as buoys or docks. If you are cutting it close to another boat, quickly make the appropriate course changes. Reduce the risk of collision by obeying speed limits and acting carefully when there are other boats around.

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