Floating Docks Vs. Stationary Docks

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When deciding to build a boat dock, regardless of where you are located, is to decide whether or not you want a floating dock or a fixed dock. When it comes to docks, you typically have three options available to you. These options include a floating dock, a fixed dock, or a combination of the two. When it comes to selecting what type of dock is best for you, there are a handful of things you may want to research to decide which dock style will work the best for you. Lucky for you, we have broken these things down and compared the difference between floating and fixed docks.


When it comes to the overall look of your dock the profile of a floating dock vs a fixed dock differs. With a floating dock, you get a dock whose profile rises and falls based upon the water level. When it comes to fixed docks however, there is a large amount of wood showing when the water level is lower than normal. If the exposed wood look is your thing, then by all means go for the fixed dock!


When it comes to convenience, the clear winner here is the floating boat dock. If you were to have a fixed dock, you risk an issue when boarding the vessel if the water level is too high or low. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to injure themselves getting on and off of a craft.

Boat Lift

Now to our speciality, boat lifts. When it comes to what type of boat lift you can use with each type of dock, the winner once again would be the floating dock. With a floating dock you are able to utilize any type of boat lift, whereas with a fixed dock, you must use a cable style lift and only a cable style boat lift


Maintenance is a big one for boaters who are looking to add in a dock to their land. Floating docks, always will require future maintenance, whereas the typical maintenance for a fixed dock would be the winterization and then some limited maintenance throughout the life of the dock.

Generally, the decision of what boat lift dock you will want is up to you, however, it is always a great idea to make sure that you consult with the builder of your dock for their expert advice. The experts know best when it comes to looking at the land you have to work with and what not.

There are also some additional questions that you may want to consider with your builder before making a commitment to a specific style of lift.


After looking at all of these options and questions, you should be able to decide which type of boat dock you will need. If you still have questions, give the pros at Boat Lift Warehouse a call and we’ll see how we can help you!

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