How to Anchor Your Boat

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Learning how to anchor a boat is an important skill that every boater should have, even if you don’t plan on doing so very often. Anchoring your boat allows you to hold it in place for a few hours while you relax on the island or for an overnight stay. It is also essential to boat passengers’ safety; if your engine fails, a well-set anchor will keep your boat from drifting away. Here are the basics on how to anchor a boat:

Setting an Anchor

Determine the depth of the water in which you will be dropping your anchor using a depth finder, if available. This helps determine the amount of anchor scope required. A scope ratio of 7:1, or seven feet of scope to one foot of water depth, is recommended. If the water depth is 10 feet, motor into the wind or current about 70 feet beyond where you want the boat to lie on anchor, and drop the anchor. Let the wind or current carry you back, or move the boat in reverse. Secure the rode to a bow cleat and apply power in reverse to set the anchor.

No Anchor Drag

Make sure your boat’s anchor is not dragging on the bottom. You can use electronics like a GPS, chart plotter, or depth finder to sound an alarm if the boat is moving, or sight landmarks on shore to help you detect any changes in position.

Retrieving the Anchor

Slowly motor towards the anchor while pulling in the rode. When you are directly over the anchor, it should pull free. If not, slowly turn your boat in a large circle to change the direction of pull on the rope. You can also try pulling up rode until the boat is directly over the anchor, then give the line a turn around a cleat.

More Anchoring Tips

Having more than one anchor is ideal for being able to anchor in different conditions, but it is also helpful in case one gets lost. Additionally, it allows you to double anchor for even more security. Give your entire anchor system an inspection regularly to check for chafe, loose shackles, and bent flukes. Store at least one anchor that can be deployed immediately in case of emergency.

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