How to Navigate Dock Permitting in Florida

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Moving to a waterfront property in a popular vacation spot like Florida can be an exciting time in your life. The urge to move to the water and instantly build your new Sure Step Dock, boat house, and install a new boat lift is incredibly tempting, but not following the proper procedure can hurt you in the long run. In Florida, you must seek out proper permits before building your new dock, but with Sure Step decking, you can ensure your dock is up to dock permit standards. This will secure that your dock is legal and won’t get you in trouble when you could be enjoying your time spent on the water. So what steps do you need to take to navigate dock permitting in Florida?

Types of Permits

The first step in navigating dock permitting in Florida is to know the various types of permits. You can seek out exemptions, general permits, and individual permits within the state of Florida. Exemptions occur when your construction is already in line with Florida’s limitations. The next step is general permits which are granted to projects that are supposed to have very minimal impact on the area. Lastly is individual permits, which occur when your dock doesn’t fall into the earlier listed categories. These permits can be applied for online through the Florida DEP website.

Stay Up-to-Date on Legislation

Navigating dock permitting in Florida can be difficult as these laws can change at any time. By staying up to date on the laws, you ensure your dock is legal and up to code. For example, these legislation changes can affect many things, such as the cost of the permit, the quality standards of your dock, and the criteria that must be met to qualify for various types of permits. With Sure Step decking’s through-flow decking design, you can ensure your dock is up to general standards and criteria. Sure Step Decking’s design allows for minimum shading, which may qualify you for an exemption of the minimum elevation requirement in an RPA 1 or 2 area as described in the SINGLE-FAMILY DOCK STANDARDS AND CRITERIA section of the “Dock Permitting in Florida Fact Sheet.” For more info on permitting and exemptions, visit

Although legislation may change in the future, purchasing a sure-step dock from Boat Lift Warehouse safeguards your dock from potential code violations.

Sure-Step Decking

Sure Step decking panels are a high-quality and maintenance-free polypropylene decking system that has been engineered for your outdoor space on and off the water. They have a through-flow decking design, and the Sure Step decking panels are UV resistant and therefore keep your deck looking new for many more years than other building materials. The through-flow design is popular for many reasons, but one of the major ones is by allowing water to pass freely through the deck. Damage to docks from storms, including hurricanes, is most often caused by waves destroying the dock when the water rises and floats the dock up. Many docks built with Sure Step decking have survived hurricanes with little or no damage because they allow the water to pass through, which minimizes the storm’s effect on the dock.

With the recent regulation changes, Sure Step decking is the perfect solution to navigating dock permits in Florida as they adhere perfectly to the Dock Permitting Guidance’s general standards and criteria for all docks. Sure Step decking panels are resistant to rot and insects and absolutely no treating is required. The decking also comes in a variety of colors to suit the look of your home while staying cool to the touch in the hot summer sun. Sure Step decking is a viable solution for a durable, low-maintenance outdoor solution that will last for many years to come.

Sure Step Docks | Boat Lift Warehouse

If you have recently navigated dock permitting in Florida and are ready to get started on the installation of your Sure Step Dock, look no further than Boat Lift Warehouse. Our team of professionals will help you get your brand new Sure Step Dock in place and ready to use. To learn more about what Boat Lift Warehouse can do for you visit our website today!

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