Is Sure Step Decking Foot-Friendly In Florida?

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Is Sure Step Decking Foot-Friendly In Florida?

When you create your dream dock, picking the proper material is key so that it properly compliments your boat lift, boat davit, boat house, and more. While you want to make sure that the visual appeal is there, you should also keep the safety of your friends and family in mind. If you’ve been considering purchasing Sure Step Decking, you may be curious if Sure Step Decking is foot-friendly. Learning about Sure Step Decking will help you discover if it’s right for you.


Decking is a real liability to burn your feet, especially in hot summer states like Florida. Deck surfaces can be up to about 75 degrees hotter than the surrounding air. In a state where temperatures can regularly break into the 90s, with the average for the summer in the high 80s, burns are a very real risk. Sure Step decking is foot-friendly as it works to dissipate that heat and keep the surface easy to walk on even in the blistering summer sun. This means that you can step straight off the boat and onto your dock without worrying about finding and putting on shoes for protection.


Slips are a genuine threat when operating near water. Think of how slick wood decks can be when covered with a thin layer of water after a rain shower. Keeping the risk of slipping to a minimum is key if looking for a foot-friendly decking solution. Luckily, Sure-Step Decking is crafted to be a non-slip decking solution. This ensures that whether you choose to wear your favorite flip-flops or walk barefoot down to your boat, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself due to a loss of traction on your deck.

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If you’ve been searching for a foot-friendly decking solution, Boat Lift Warehouse is here to help. Sure Step Decking can help keep your feet safe even in hot weather like Florida during the summer. To learn more about Sure Step Decking or buy yours, visit our website today!

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