Make a Splash this Summer: The Ultimate Dock Accessories

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At Boat Lift Warehouse, we specialize in boating gear and so much more. Our renowned selection of lifts, lift motors, and boating utilities are among the best in the industry. In preparation for summer, it’s time to make sure all of your marine gear is up to date and ready for long days on the water. In this blog, we’ll address dock care and how to preserve the condition of your dock.

Deck Paneling

The first product we highly recommend to preserve your dock is the Flow through decking panel. These durable panels are UV resistant, resistant to rot, and bugs. Coming in an assortment of colors, these panels are sure to preserve the life of your dock. Because these panels require zero maintenance, this means you can spend more time enjoying your dock than working on it.

Dock Ladders

Love to go swimming off of your dock? A ladder is the best way to enjoy jumping again and again. At Boat Lift Warehouse, we offer three types of ladders. The straight ladder, aluminum lift ladder, and swing flip ladder. While the straight ladder remains in one position, the lift ladder and swing flip ladder have the ability to lift out of the water, which will help prevent algae and barnacle accumulation. Another nice touch to every dock is pile caps. This simple, affordable addition to your dock will increase its aesthetic appeal while also deterring birds from nesting.


Any boater who plans on keeping their boat at their dock absolutely needs dock bumpers. This easy-to-install material will keep unwanted scratches off your boat as well as your dock. Dock bumpers come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. In case you wanted to increase the storage capabilities of your dock, we have you covered. With our dock boxes, you can store everything you’ll need for a summer day. When the sun goes down and night rolls around, dock lighting is essential. Aiding in safety and overall ambiance, dock lighting is a must.

Dock Furniture

Dock furniture is also a nice addition to every dock. Dock chairs and benches provide a relaxing way to enjoy the tranquility of a day on the water. For any additional information about these accessories, check out our website. Our dedicated staff is here to answer any questions you may have! Summer is on its way, find all of your marine accessories at Boat Lift Warehouse!