Why you Need a Power Pedestal

Shore Power is necessary for your marina or dock, however when maintaining the look and atmosphere of your marina you want to keep your marina safe for boaters, while looking professional. Power Pedestals can be a great addition and can propel your marina to the next level.

What is a Power Pedestal?

A Power Pedestal replaces homemade dock side power sources with a sleek electrical housing unit. These units are often made to withstand weathering, rust, and corrosion. They also can come specially equipped with features such as high speed internet connections. Popular models such as the “Lighthouse” are equipped with lockable weatherproof doors, as well as a 360 degree light assembly. Power Pedestals provide customers with the ease of getting cords in and out, being able to access breakers, as well as a lighting source.

Why invest in Power Pedestals

If you’re in the process of updating your marina, Power Pedestals are an element to consider.

Power Pedestals add to the quality of the marina by providing top of the line features and making your marina more desirable. Power Pedestals can help set you apart from the competition by making your marina a go-to destination for boaters. This will then help you attract more customers and fill more slips making your marina more profitable and generate more revenue.

How to use a Power Pedestal

When using a Power Pedestal, there are a few tips to keep in mind. The Power Pedestal allows you to run an AC cord from the boat to connect to a power source. Many marinas will have a connection rated at 30A with two female receptacles, along with some sort of hinged lid to protect them. There will also be a circuit breaker which you will need to turn on when you are ready to use the power and should always turn off before unplugging your cord. You should always run your shore power cord in such a way as to allow free movement, A tight cord puts undue tension on your connection at either end, which can easily lead to overheating.


Power Pedestals are created to be top of the line in safety compliant technology. Our manufacturers such as Eaton and HyPower are certified to be in compliance with ANSI/UL
231. All products are also tested to meet National Electrical Code NFPA, in fire and water protection. Ensuring the safety of your customers is of the utmost importance. Uncovered dock side power sources are not as reliable as a manufactured model. With a Power Pedestal you will have less problems in the long run and your customers can feel safe and secure in your marina.


Not only are Power Pedestals a leader in safety, they are also extremely durable. They are built to withstand all weather conditions. They are often made of a molded resin material and are coated with a UV-resistant polyurethane. The housing on our Eaton models are guaranteed to never rust or corrode, as well as being backed by a lifetime warranty.

If you’d like more information on our different Power Pedestal models visit our website or give us a call at Boat Lift Warehouse today at 877-468-5438.

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