Need to Know: Floating PWC Lifts

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Summer is officially here, which means that life on the water is in full swing! Step out on the lake, and you can hear the roar of boat engines and see many people riding jet skis off into the horizon. While boating is meant to bring enjoyment and fun to the season, it also means it’s time to up the maintenance and care for your craft. Properly storing your boat when not in use is not only a good practice to keep your boat secure, but it also keeps your boat in excellent condition. A boat lift is a good way to protect your craft, and a floating PWC lift is your key to a successful summer with a jet ski.

Floating PWC lifts are amazing alternatives to those big and clunky steel lifts. These floating lifts are still a relatively new innovation, but they are also inexpensive, easy to use, and don’t require manpower or electricity to operate. We’ve put together a list of something you need to know when purchasing a floating PWC lift.PWC LIFTS

Safety First

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to operating a boat lift. Traditional boat lifts require a lot of moving parts that are made of metal. If the lift is not properly maintained, parts can become damaged or broken, causing a potential for malfunction and a risk of injury.

Floating boat lifts are made of plastic and don’t require the heavy machinery that traditional lifts do. The best lifts that float give you plenty of room to enter and exit your boat or PWC, so you won’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself by falling in the water or getting injured.

PWC Lifts Have Portability

Floating PWC lifts are EXTREMELY portable. They’re easy to assemble, move around, and don’t require special tools. Traditional boat lifts use hydraulics and are not portable nor can they accommodate bigger watercrafts if necessary. Floating boat lifts have the convenience of adding additional modules to fit bigger boats or other crafts.

PWC Lifts are Maintenance Free

Let’s be honest, with a traditional lift there are so many obstacles you have to jump through when it comes to maintenance. There’s pulleys, cables, clamps, and a bunch of other mechanisms that require constant maintenance.

Owning a floating lift will save you time and money. Since the floating lifts do not operate via pulleys or electricity, you won’t have to spend time monitoring the functions or the money to replace these items as they stop working. With a floating lift, all you typically have to do is scrub the lift down occasionally to keep it clean.

Versatility of Floating PWC Lifts

The cool thing about floating PWC lifts is that they can be used in practically any water level! You can customize your lift based on the average height of the water on the shore and that allows you to maximize the lift’s performance.

A traditional boat lift does not accommodate rising water levels, and inconsistent levels can often damage them. However, floating PWC lifts are made to adapt to currents and changing water levels.

Save Money & Time

As we mentioned, you’re able to save both time and money through the maintenance free capabilities of a PWC lift. One thing we forgot to mention though, is that since the lifts are so portable, you won’t have to purchase a new boat lift when moving because the floating PWC lift is so easy just to pack up.


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