Play With a Full Deck: Decking Solutions

Decking is essential for any dock to accessible. At Boat Lift Warehouse we carry flow through decking that is the perfect anti-slip water-resistant decking solution for docks and piers of all shapes and sizes. So why choose ThruFlow decking?

Safety First

Your deck may feel safe normally, but can it withhold the weight of a large number of people? If your deck has ever shaken or felt uneasy before, it is a good time to reevaluate your current decking needs (especially with summer right around the corner). ThruFlow decking is safe for children and always comfortable on the foot because it is molded-in 360-degree non-slip surface. Likewise, the panels come in a variety of colors to suit the look of your home and stay cool to the touch even in the hot summer sun.

Environmentally Friendly

When deciding what type of decking to go with, it is important to consider an eco-friendly material option for your deck. Choosing the right material is certainly an important factor to consider, along with other factors such as climate, location, and budget. ThruFlow uses a grated design that allows for maximum light penetration, which in turn protects sensitive sea grasses and marine life. All in all the total open area of a ThruFlow amounts to 43 percent.

Maintenance Free

If you are thinking about building a deck or are even looking at a full deck replacement, it may be a little overwhelming to try and figure out where to start. Maintenance free decking means you do not have to scrape, stain, seal, or repaint. Even in our climates with cold winters, and hot and humid summers, that means you can have up to 50 years of service-free outdoor surface. As a non-microbial product, ThruFlow does not allow for any leaching, rot, mildew or insect growth, meaning there is absolutely no treatment required.


While looks are important many boat owners often rate durability as the most important factor in selecting decking (however, how good the decking looks is a very close second). Whether on a river, a lake, or the ocean, boat docks receive some of the harshest punishment Mother Nature can dish out. That’s why ThruFlow has unparalleled strength, and its open design minimizes the lifting effects that waves and storm surge has on your dock. So you can know with confidence that your decking can survive the storm with ThruFlow.


So if you are ready to take a leap and start enjoying your deck rather than working on your deck, visit our site to purchase your very own ThruFlow decking today. Contact our friendly staff with any questions regarding our ThruFlow decking.

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