Power Pedestals and How They Can Help You

Regardless of the location, size or type of craft you have, it is always a smart idea to have a power pedestal to service your craft.  Not all vessels are large enough to require constant power to maintain batteries or run accessories; however, most require some type of maintenance that requires power. The answer, of course, is installing a power pedestal.  

Power pedestals, like any other consumer product, come from a variety of manufacturers with a variety of options. Some are composite, some are stainless steel.  It simply comes down to choosing the correct pedestal for your amount of traffic, vessel size and projected demands.  For instance, if you own your dock you might not want to have a pedestal with a meter on it, because you are the end user. For those renting space, it’s a wise investment to know how much water is being used and by who.  Eaton sells a unit that sells for $614.32 – but it’s totally customizable with the ability to add features like dual water valves, cable, internet ports, phone, and tv. 

Hypower is another manufacturer of quality power pedestals. Hypower models are offered in a wide array but are not quite as customizable as Eaton. They range from $780-$845 which is suitable for more modest crafts with a lower demand for overall use.

The typical unit offers different options for power usage and water works as well.  They are of sturdy construction and will deliver reliable service for years.

Eaton also carries a product called the “Hatteras Light Assembly and Top”, which looks exactly how it sounds.  Eaton also makes a hurricane weather base that allows you to disconnect the head of the pedestal for safe storage during times of inclement weather, or during times when you may be away for extended periods.  

All in all, pedestals are like any other option or accessory available for your watercraft, meaning they come from a wide range of manufactures with an even more diverse set of options, in many cases.

We know that our customers come from various backgrounds and each holds different skill sets and knowledge bases when it comes to life on the water. That’s why we’re here to serve you and offer several ways for you to contact us, which we hope you will should you ever have a question or comment.  Boat Lift Warehouse is here to serve you.

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