Powering Your Dock with Power Pedestals

Categories: Dock Accessories

Imagine your ideal dock. It probably has a beauty of a boat on top of one of our many boat lifts, but it might be missing just one thing. Our power pedestals can add the perfect touch to any dock providing water, electricity, and light. At Boat Lift Warehouse we carry HyPower and Eaton pedestals of all varieties.

Eaton Lighthouse

One of our most popular units, the all-purpose Eaton Lighthouse pedestal has a wide range of features. With units in service around the world, this stylish power pedestal is recognized for its practicality and exceptional durability. Its removable head is perfect for protection of equipment during strong storms or on flood-prone fixed docks. Some of the key features that our Lighthouse pedestals include are:

HyPower Power Pedestal

Our second type of power pedestal we carry is our HyPower. HyPower’s design and engineering has always been about the ease of use for customers. This power pedestal stands out over other traditional power pedestals with four functional built-in sides for added flexibility and convenience. Some of the key features that our HyPower pedestals include are:

No matter what power pedestal you decide to go with, we are certain that it will the perfect final touch. To learn more about our power pedestals click the here, and feel free to contact us regarding any questions you might have, we look forward to doing business with you.

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