Purchasing a New vs. Used Boat Lift

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Used boat lift | Boat Lift WarehouseWhen looking into purchasing a boat lift for your vessel, making the decision between buying a new state of the art boat lift or recycling a used boat lift can be tricky. Of course, buying a new boat lift can ensure that each component has never been used and damage free. However, understanding what to look for on used parts to make sure you are getting what you pay for, as well as making sure the investment is sound is important. Here are some tips to help you before you make the final decision.


Are the frames of the used boat lift sturdy? With the lift stationary, push on the upright post. The frames should move somewhat, but excessive movement may mean a connection is loose somewhere on the lift. Investigate the bolts and the drill holes to make sure the holes haven’t become elongated. If the bolts are loose due to elongated holes, this isn’t a deal breaker but make sure you or someone else is confident enough in their drilling ability to make the hole slightly larger and replace the existing bolts with ones slightly larger in diameter.


The pulley location is in each corner of the boat lift “rack.” The rack is the part of the used boat lift that moves up and down with your boat on it. If the pulley is made out of hard, black plastic, this material can become brittle over time. A pulley breaking can cause difficulty with moving the lift and in return cause a headache on a Saturday morning when you are trying to get out on the water.

To check the condition of the pulleys, move the rack up and down and watch the pulleys in action. Are any frozen in place, or is a cable dragging across a bolt? If there is debris packed around the joint, remove and inspect the area for any wear.

The Motor

Inspecting the motor is one of the most important steps before purchasing a used boat lift. Deciphering which type of motor it is, and if all of the components are still in great condition should be the first step. Make sure that all rubber is still intact, and that the dials and wires aren’t broken or bent. Making sure the motor and used boat lift has the capacity to lift your boat is also important.

Once you have looked into the used parts of the boat lift, figuring out how much replacing any items would cost on top of the initial purchase and installment can eventually rack up to cost more than a new boat lift itself. Contact Boat Lift Warehouse to figure out the best new or used boat lift solutions for you.

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