Stay Safe on the Water

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Boating safety is important at all times of the year, whether it be on a clear summer day or a cold winter night. No matter how much experience you have with boating, there are a number of important things to keep in mind when you are cruising along.

Safety Gear

Safety gear is always essential on your boat, even if you are only traveling a short distance. Some items to keep on your boat can include a flashlight with extra batteries, a fire extinguisher, a basic toolbox, a first aid kit, rope, duct tape, and distress signals. If you tend to travel farther offshore, you may want to include additional equipment.

Check the Weather

Always pay attention to the weather before taking your boat out on the water. Check your local forecast as well as water conditions, including the future radar. If you are planning on making an offshore trip, it may be a good idea to invest in a marine radar.

Proper Docking & Anchoring

Docking and anchoring can be challenging when the weather and water conditions are not ideal. Make sure to follow the proper procedures when docking your boat to avoid damaging your boat and possibly your passengers. Take it slow and anticipate the movement of the boat. Make sure to drop your anchor at the right depth and angle to prevent your boat from drifting. It is also recommended to learn how to anchor and dock properly so that you will be prepared in unfavorable conditions.

Navigational Rules

To ensure your safety as well as your passengers’, make sure you (or whoever is operating the boat) understand the rules of navigation on the water. If you need to refresh your memory of boating safety procedures, the US Coast Guard offers hands-on courses for boating safety.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are absolutely essential for boating safety. They keep you afloat in the water and can aid in emergency situations such as preventing hypothermia or keep an unconscious person above water. All boats are required by law to have a US Coast Guard approved life jacket on board. Make sure you have the correct life jacket for the height and weight of each passenger on your boat.

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