Summer Boating Checklist

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With Memorial Day kicking off the boating season last month and school officially being out, so many families will begin to spend their days on the water. As we all know, everyone has their list of items that are essential to their ability to have fun on the water. While everyone has this list, we have often found when talking to customers, that although their lists would make for a fun day, they don’t always have the necessities on their list for safety and fun. Keep reading to discover what you need to bring for a fun, and safe day on the water.

Drain Plug

This one is obvious to so many people, but often the most obvious things we need to pack are the things we forget. So, make sure you bring your drain plug. It would be terrible to get to your favorite body of water then not have your drain plug, and you have to go back for it.

Fully Charged Battery

A fully charged battery is always necessary when going out on the water. NEVER assume that your battery is fully charged because you haven’t gone boating since you last charged it. It is always a great idea to triple-check your battery’s charge before heading out for a fun day on the water.


While being on the boat all day, you are sure to want a nice refreshing drink at some point. Make sure that you have water, soft drinks, and any snacks you may want while on the water in your cooler, so you will always have a refreshing pick-me-up as the days on the water can get pretty hot.


Gas is another key thing that boaters sometimes assume they have on board. We’re not trying to call your neighbor out, but you never know when your neighbor might have “borrowed” some of your gas to mow their lawn. With that being said, ALWAYS check your gas tanks before heading out on the water.

Appropriate Number of Coast Guard Approved Life Vests

So many boaters like to bypass this one as they claim to be experts on the water and there is no need for all of those life jackets aboard taking up space. Trust us when we say, you will always want to make sure that you have plenty of lifejackets aboard. You never know when an emergency could occur and you suddenly need all of your lifejackets. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Throwable PFD

Having a throwable PFD, or personal floatation device aboard goes hand and hand with lifejackets. They are required to ensure that if anything goes wrong, you have an extra layer of protection should an emergency occur.


Skin cancer is no joke. Seriously, use sunscreen when on the water. The sun’s rays are often stronger when on the water. Don’t let a nice tan ruin your health. Wear a good pair of sunglasses as well to keep your eyes from getting UV damage!


Adding all of these items to what we are sure is an already extensive list of things you have to bring on the water with you, will assure that you and your family have a great time on the water and are prepared for any unexpected event. If you have any questions about how to be safer when on the water, contact us and we can answer any questions, as well as show you some of our amazing boating accessories that can make your time on the water more enjoyable!

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