Three Watersports for Beginners to Try

Three Watersports for Beginners to Try

So you’ve just bought a boat and installed your PWC lifts – Now it’s time for the fun to start! Watersports are the ultimate way to have fun in the sun. Whether you are a collegiate athlete or not so sporty, there are lots of options for a first-time water sportsman. Here are three watersports that are great for beginners to try from Boatlift Warehouse:

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Tubing is fun for all ages and requires little to no experience. A tube is a large inflatable float that is connected to the back of a boat by a towline, which is basically a long rope. After dismantling your personal watercraft from your PWC lifts, tubing offers a fun and lighthearted experience! When riding a tube, one should always wear a personal floatation device and have a spotter, which is someone who keeps a lookout to make sure the rider is staying safe and communicates with the driver if the rider happens to fall off. Depending on the tube, you will either ride on your tummy or your bottom. For the most part, your only job is to hold on for dear life! The driver of the boat is in full control of the aggressiveness of your ride, so make sure you hold on tight! Speed, the sharpness of turns, and the roughness of the water will all contribute to your tubing experience. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a great time, but there is a good chance you will be a little sore over the next few days.


Kneeboarding is another fun watersport Boatlift Warehouse recommends that requires little to no experience, except having healthy knees! After utilizing your PWC lifts and launching into the water, kneeboarding is a great sport to try on your personal watercraft. Like tubing, one should always wear a personal floatation device and have a spotter on the boat. Kneeboarding requires a little bit of upper body strength because you will be holding a ski rope to pull yourself up. Once the boat gets going, use the rope to pull yourself from your tummy to your knees, then securely tighten the knee strap to a comfortable position. Once up, you can just relax and cruise along directly behind the boat, or you can get as crazy as you want by going side to side over the boat wake, jumping the boat wake, or even try doing a 360!

Water Skiing

Water skiing is the most challenging of these three watersports recommended by Boatlift Warehouse because it requires using muscles in your legs and back that are not normally used in daily activities. Like tubing and kneeboarding, one should always wear a personal floatation device and have a spotter on the boat. The most important thing to remember when learning to ski is to let the boat do most of the work. You will start in a crouched position with your legs slightly bent while holding the ski rope between your skis. When the boat takes off, stay in the crouched position and let the boat do the work. If you try to stand up too quickly you might faceplant or do a split, which is not ideal. Once you are up and comfortable skiing straight behind the boat, you can lean side to side to ride over the boat wake for more of a thrill! After you are done riding, it is important to properly store your personal water craft with electric jet ski lifts or PWC lifts.

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Boatlift Warehouse recommends these great watersports for you to try this summer! Whether you are first enjoying your boat and PWC lifts, or have years of experience with personal watersports these activities for beginners will surely enhance your time spent on the water!

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