Types of Boat Lifts

Types of Boat Lifts

At Boat Lift Warehouse, we have many kinds of boat lifts for different uses and bodies of water. Every lift is unique, with strengths and weaknesses. It’s important that you do research to figure out which boat lift will be best for you and your boat. There are four major types of boat lifts: free standing, pile mounted, suspended, and shore-mounted lifts.

Free Standing lifts

Free standing lifts are great for shallow waters. They’re a little more affordable than the others, but they aren’t very suitable for large boats. Free standing lifts are usually next to docks and can stand on its own. This option is great if the bottom is sturdy, firm, and even. It’s easy to install, but the boating professionals at Boat Lift Warehouse are always available to help with purchasing and installing.

Pile Mounted Boat Lifts

These boat lifts are attached directly to a fixed dock or pilings, as long as they are sturdy enough to support a boat lift. They usually [require electricity]( boat lift is a,dock or at a marina.&text=A boat lift fitted with,a trailer before each outing.) to run, but the depth or structure of the bottom don’t matter with this boat lift. As long as there is a dock that is strong enough to support the lift, it’s a good choice!

Suspended lifts

These options are usually the most resilient options. One of the biggest benefits of having a suspended boat lift is that they can just be integrated into your existing dock. They include stainless steel cables, brackets, cable reels, and motors, perfect for heavy boats. Suspended lifts also don’t require much maintenance.

Shore-Mounted Lifts

Shore-mounted lifts is a great way to keep your boat near the shore. You can drive the boat directly onto the ramp, then pull the boat out of the water and onto the lift using a winch and a line. These lifts are best for shorelines that gradually deepen. Shore-mounted lifts are easy to install and maintain.

Boat lifts don’t have to be complicated! At Boat Lift Warehouse, we make buying a new boat lift easy and painless. Visit our website to see what kind of lifts, motors, and other boating accessories or tools we have to offer!

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