Why a Power Pedestal is a Good Idea For Your Dock

Why a Power Pedestal is a Good Idea For Your Dock

Hatteras power pedestals on dock at night

The sun is setting as you return to the dock after a long day spent out on the water, your boat is securely on its lift, but your day is not done just yet. There is still cleaning, maintenance and a little more fun to be had. What you need to make the most of your dock is a marine power pedestal for electricity, lighting, water, and more options.


Most boats run on a DC system, which is great for starting your engine, running lights, and operating your bilge pump, but you don’t want to run your diesel motor just to power your generator or charge your phone. With shore power, you have a second electrical system that allows you to plug your boat into a power source on the dock. The power pedestal has an AC plug to which you can connect. You can plug your boat or yacht into the power pedestal and enjoy electricity onboard, just like you’d enjoy in your home or business.

electric plug      Lighthouse power pedestal plugs


It has a photocell-controlled LED that comes on automatically when darkness is sensed. The 360-degree light is perfect for lighting up your dock and keeps you from having to install overhead lights. If you only need lighting, the Eaton Mariner Lighting Bollard gives you light with no power.

Lighthouse LED Light


A day on the water can be tough on your boat and leaving salt on your boat can deteriorate your pride and joy. A Power Pedestal can give you access to fresh water to clean off your boat and help protect it from salt water damage.

Single or dual water valves can be installed on the lighthouse pedestal to provide water access.

Dual water valve for power pedestal


Key communication features can be added to allow the vessel to access internet, cable, and phone utilities while plugged into the power pedestal.

Plug for internet

Eaton Power Pedestals

Eaton Power Pedestals are made for the marine environment. The standard lighthouse is made of a heavy resin housing with a two-part polyurethane coating for a UV-resistant, long-lasting finish. The Stainless Steel Lighthouse is made of heavy 316L stainless steel housing that is powder-coated with a polyester resin.

Both come with lockable weatherproof doors which protect breakers and receptacles while In use. It has a backlit universal faceplate for easy receptacle plug-In at night.

You can also purchase a base cap for the lighthouse to protect your main housing when performing maintenance on the docks or to avoid damage during hurricane season or other inclement weather.

Eaton Power Pedestals can be configured in many ways, giving you just what you need for your dock. Check out the Boat Lift Warehouse website or call one of our customer service representatives at 877-GOT-LIFT (877-468-5438) to find out all of the available options and configurations.

**Note: As of June 2022, Power Pedestals are experiencing long delays due to supply chain issues. They are made to your individual specifications and are made in the order that they are sold.

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