Why Buy a Boat Lift Remote?

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Wireless Boat Lift Remote Control Systems

There are many sound reasons for investing in a boat lift remote control system. There are numerous advantages, including safety and ease of use. As you are well aware, manually launching your boat from a boat lift is time-consuming and not without considerable effort.

The effort consists of lowering the boat, mooring, loading, and returning topside to raise the slings or cradle out of the water. Upon your return, it is necessary to moor the boat and reverse the process. Even if you left your lift in the lowered position, if the tide has changed you still have to reposition the lift, and unless you always have a second person to help it can be really difficult to keep the boat in position when raising the lift. This can be frustrating when you’re tired from a day on the water.

Consider for a moment the positive attributes of a boat lift remote control system for your boat lift. When you are closing in on your dock you simply lower the lift into the water with the remote control. Drive the boat onto the lift making any depth adjustments as the boat enters the sling or cradle. The moment the positioning is correct, you raise the boat with the boat lift remote controls and in one continuous movement, raise the boat to dock height so all can debark on the dry dock. Now the boat can be unloaded without major adjustments.

The most convenient aspect is that the boat lift remote control box can be pre-programmed to stop automatically with the use of a limit switch. Once programmed, the boat lift remote control needs only one push of the button on the remote to raise the lift to the preset position. There is no need to hold the button and it may be stopped in its tracks at any position instantly. This is not only convenient but also results in safer operation. A manual control is provided so that you can bypass the presets if deemed necessary.

Besides the ease of raising and lowering your lift, you can also set up your dock lights to be controlled wirelessly with this remote control. Not only is it convenient to control your boat lift and dock lights wirelessly from one handheld remote, but it’s pretty dang cool too!

Boat lift remote controls can handle one to four lift motors and you will love the convenience of controlling a lift with more than one motor. A boat lift remote can only control one boat lift, so take note that it is not set to use multiple motors on different lifts.

Purchase a boat lift remote control and spend more time on the water and less time launching and docking your boat! You will be pleased with your decision to reduce your workload.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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