Why Your Jet Ski Needs to be on a Shoremaster Shoreport

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While storing your PWC in the water, tied up to your dock providing easy access, keeping your jet ski stored in the water for extended periods of time can do some serious damage- especially if in saltwater. A floating Shoreport PWC port by Shoremaster from Boat Lift Warehouse is the best solution to keeping your jet ski available yet safe all summer long.

How Can the Water Harm my PWC?

Everyone with a boat or jet ski understands the hassle it is to launch and pull your vessel back onto dry land after a day of fun. Yet, the expensive repairs and maintenance that comes with keeping your PWC stored in water are just as much of a nuisance. So, what is the solution? Purchasing a floating Shoreport PWC port by Shoremaster from Boat Lift Warehouse to keep your vessel safe from the harmful conditions, and you away from public launches. But what are the specific dangers of keeping your jet ski in the water?

●      The corrosiveness of saltwater

●      The build-up of minerals

●      The growth of barnacles and other scum

●      Excess water in the hull can sink your vessel

●      Severe weather can break or lose your PWC

●      Unfortunately- theft is also another danger of leaving your jet ski in the water

The Solution: A Floating Shoremaster Jet Ski Dock

Shoremaster ShorePort jet ski floating docks can be attached to nearly any floating dock system. With its deep textured surface, water is actually able to drain back into the lake or river it sits on to keep your jet ski or Waverunner clean and dry. Shoremaster ShorePort docking systems can be used as a stand-alone drive-on PWC lift, or you can connect multiple ShorePorts together for additional PWC storage. Simply position the ShorePort alongside, or perpendicular to your dock system for quick and convenient access to your jet ski or Waverunner. Choose Shoremaster ShorePort docking systems from Boat Lift Warehouse to protect the investment you’ve made in your personal watercraft and to keep your PWC available for a ride all year long.

Boat Lift Warehouse

Shoremaster ShorePort Drive-On PWC Storage is available now at Boat Lift Warehouse. Standard capacity is 1,150 lbs., but additional capacity provided by supplemental flotation can be added in 100 lb increments, up to 1,450 lbs. To purchase or learn more about ShorePort’s that can be attached to nearly any floating dock system, contact Boat Lift Warehouse today – we look forward to working with you!


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