10″ Cast Aluminum Pulley with 3/4″ bore for Gear Plate



Aluminum drive pulley 3/4in shaft x 10in diameter


The 10″ Cast Aluminum Pulley is made from an aluminum die-casting process and is designed to not swell or bend. The pulley is made stronger for marine environments and resists warping.

The 10″ pulley has a deeper fit and accepts up to 1/2″ drive belts. It also features a grip on the inside of the pulley to eliminate belt slippage!

The cast aluminum pulley will fit any known flat-plate hoist.


  • Cast aluminum
  • Fits flat plate hoists
  • Belt gripping technology
  • Size:  10″
  • Weight: 2 lb
  • Bore Size: 3/4″
  • Bore Width: 3/4″


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