3000 lb Davit

Starting at: $2,495.99

piling mount

Davit Master 3000 lbs Manual Piling Mounted Davit$2,495.99
Davit Master 3000 lbs Electric Direct Drive Piling Mounted Davit$3,757.39

seawall mount

Davit Master 3000 lbs Manual Seawall Mounted Davit$2,495.99
Davit Master 3000 lbs Electric Direct Drive Seawall Mounted Davit$3,757.39


Boat Davits are the ideal solutions when you are faced with tight quarters, shallow water, or restricted conditions – such as no pilings or only a seawall. Davits are easy to install and are an economical alternative to standard boat lifts.

The Davit Master Lifts use rectangular tubing that makes them much stronger than the typical I-beam models when it comes to horizontal and twisting loads. Each boat davit is hot-dipped galvanized and outfitted with rust resistant fittings to increase the life of your lift.

They mount out of the water to reduce maintenance and keep your small boat or PWC out of the water. The lift rotates over the dock for storage.

Davits can mount on either a concrete seawall or a piling.

The lead time for a Davit is at least 3-4 weeks.


  • Comes in either piling or seawall mounting
  • Manual or direct drive
  • 6 foot Reach
  • 8 foot 3 inches height
  • Steel construction
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • 1/4 in. x 38 foot galvanized steel cable



    • Piling mounted davits require dock builder to verify piling strength.
    • The lift should not be altered in any way to lift wider boats.
    • Never ride a PWC lift or any lift up or down.
    • BLW lifts and hoists are not for lifting people in any way.
    • Never attempt to operate with an extension cord or generator.
    • Mount lift switch in location that cannot be reached from PWC.


    1 Year limited manufacturer warranty


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