7,500 LB. BHUSA Flat Plate Boat Lift Hoist


Boat Hoist USA BH-75 7500 lbs, Painted back plate, Lock-on switchn


This 7500-pound capacity flat plate hoist is the most advanced and best-engineered hoist industry-wide. Each of Boat Lift Warehouse’s advanced series hoists features a completely encloses, hardened steelwork, bronze 96 tooth gear. With a solid aluminum worm gear extended block housing, this boat lift hoist allows for a more economical and lighter weight plate.

In the box: 7500-pound gear plate assembly, 1.5 HP motor switch and GFCI, 10-inch pulley and drive belt, equipment guide, and warranty information.


  • Made in the USA
  • Pre-Assembled
  • No Steel-On-Steel Movement
  • Meets UL and NEMA Standards


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