AMS 6500 Hefty Hoist Flat Plate Hoist



AMS 6500 Hefty Hoist


This 6,500 lb. Hefty Hoist Flat Plate Hoist has a galvanized steel backplate for strength and durability! It comes complete with a 1hp TENV 56 frame motor wired with a drum switch harness, GFCI, and plug. The 6500 has a bronze worm gear, and a large 12″ ductile-iron bull gear.  When properly installed and used within their rated torque limits, these flat plates have been known to last decades with only simple maintenance.

The motor comes pre-wired for 120v, but if you need 240v  just order the AMS Gear plate and motor separate and the motor will easily wire (instructions provided) for 240 volts.

We also offer the only DC motor in the industry for this type of application. Learn more about the 12v DC Boat Lift Motor for this Flat Plate Hoist! The name AMS Hefty Hoist has been known throughout the industry for reliability and quality since 1982.  Buy with confidence!

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  • HD Flat Plate hoist assembly
  • 1 HP HD 56 Frame Motor
  • Spring or maintain switch
  • 15 Ft wire to motor (custom lengths available)
  • Power cord with 115V inline GFCI (230V or no GFCI also available)
  • 10.4″ cast steel drive pulley with 4L360 belt
  • Motor mounting hardware package

Built in the USA.


  • Capacity: 6,500 lb
  • Motor: 1 hp 120/240V
  • Wiring: 14 Gauge wiring harness
  • Plate: galvanized steel 12″ x 24″
  • Hoist Travel Speed: 2.5 vertical feet per min.


Hoist rated capacity: 6,500 lb.
Hoist dimensions: 2 ft (H) x 1 ft (W)
Back plate bearing: composite bronze
96 tooth gear material: hardened bronze
Worm material: hardened bronze
Gear plate pulley size: 10 in. aluminum die-cast
Motor pulley size: 2 in. aluminum die-cast
Drive belt size: 34″ flat plate hoist drive belt
Sleeve accepts: 2 3/8″ OD drive pipe
RPM: 1725
Voltage: 115/230
Phase: 1
Frame: 56
Shaft diameter: 5/8 in.




5 year warranty on Gear Plate

1 year on motors


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