Back up pulley system



The Back up Pulley System, replaces the standard 2″ pulley on your 56 frame motor allowing you to raise or lower your vessel in the event of a power failure to your boat lift.


Have you been looking for a reliable system that works perfectly during power outages, storms, and equipment malfunctions? The Back-Up Pulley System has the capability to lower your boat lift in the event of an unfortunate power failure.

This quick and easy add-on for your boat lift motor can be installed in just a couple of minutes. With the Back-Up Pulley System, you have the ability to raise and lower your boat lift with a standard cordless drill. Our Back-Up Pulley System is guaranteed to work 24/7. Every boat lift owner should have this pulley system. Don’t wait until it is too late when a power outage keeps you and your vessel stranded on the lift.


  • Installs within minutes
  • Works even when boat lift doesn’t


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