BH-360 PWC Lifts

Starting at: $2,781.99



The first low-profile rotating lake PWC lift is connected to the dock and lifts motorboats and personal boats with a capacity of up to 1,250 pounds. Higher capacity than other popular lake lifts for PWC’s this lift is manufactured from strong hot-dipped galvanized steel. The electric lift has simple up and down switch control or an optional wireless remote is available. Purchase one of these PWC lifts for your dock today to start storing your vessel out of the water!


1250 lbs maximum capacity Lower profile installation than other rotating lifts Manufactured of hot-dipped galvanized steel for strength Rotates 180 degrees in either direction Electric operation for ease of use Ideal for lake installations



Bottom of lake up to 2.5ft recommends 6ft pole Bottom of lake 2.5ft to 4ft recommends 8ft pole Bottom of lake 4ft to 6ft recommends 10ft pole 20 amp service recommended for power connection *Some docks may need reinforcement to support the weight (see instructions)


BH-USA BH360 PWC lift should only be used to lift PWC up to 1250 lbs. The lift should not be altered in any way to lift wider boats. Never ride a PWC lift or any lift up or down. BHUSA lifts and hoists are not for lifting people in any way. BH-360 lifts must be installed pr BH-USA lift guide. Ride pipe should penetrate clay bottom at least 18” plus use pile mount with dock mount. Extra pile mounts are available. Never attempt to operate H-360 with an extension cord or generator. Mount lift switch in location that cannot be reached from PWC.