Boathouse 4inch 3 ton block with ball bearings

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The 4″ 3 Ton Ball Bearing Block is simply the best block available for any overhead lift application requiring blocks. Hot-dipped galvanized, grease-able, ball bearings, breakaway shackle, and a raised stamp rating. Meet all requirements for the perfect installation. The ball bearings also eliminate friction. Maintained using the easy to reach grease fitting. The breakaway shackle also allows easy replacement or installation without having to uninstall the cable. The hot-dipped galvanized coating also far exceeds the standard zinc plating found on most blocks. The raised stamp rating also meets industry rating requirements. The ball bearing blocks only weighs 5 lbs! The blocks also ship directly from BH-USA.


  • Weight 5 lbs.
  • Overall Dimensions  4.5″ x 8″ x 3.2″
  • Center of Sheave to Top of Shackle  5″
  • Shackle Size Opening 1″
  • Shackle Pin  3/8″
  • Sheave 4″
  • Sheave Make  Galvanized Steel
  • Sheave Width ID  5/8″
  • Grease Fitting   1/4″
  • Stamped Rating  3 Ton
  • Ball Bearings  Steel
  • Accepts Up to 1/2″ Cable


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