Cradle Center Kit (For Steel Mounting)

Starting at: $2,495.50



Utilizing your existing Boathouse structure is the most cost-effective way to lift your boat. You save money by not having to purchase supporting components or a frame like a Freestanding Boat Lift. This Cradle Side Kit is designed to lift a boat from steel I-beams in a boathouse. The kit is set up so your drive pipe is down the center of your boathouse. It features a simple but strong design that distributes the load evenly.

The Lifting capacity of this lift is available up to 8,500 lbs and operates at approximately 2 feet per minute using a Flat Plate Hoist. They come with a standard reversible drum switch, but can easily be wired for a remote control anytime. They are configured for a straight pull and include all galvanized hangers, cable, and brackets. This kit comes standard with a 9-foot-long cradle I-beam, but 8-foot and 10-foot are available.

The galvanized pipe for cable wrapping and wooden bunk boards are not included. Bunk carpet can be bought separately.


  • Hot-dipped 9 ft wide galvanized cradle with adjustable 16 in. bunk brackets
  • Hoist, Motor, GFCI, Wire harness with plug
  • 1 x I-beam motor mount with pipe support
  • 1 x I-beam pipe supports (bearings)
  • 4 x block pulleys with I-beam hangers
  • 80 ft galvanized 7×19 aircraft-grade cable
  • 8 x galvanized cable clamps
  • 4 x galvanized cable thimbles
  • Requires 2 in. galvanized schedule 40 pipe and wooden bunk boards (not included)



20 amp service is needed for the motor

2 in. galvanized schedule 40 pipe for winding the cable and wooden bunk boards (not included)


5 year gear warranty

1 year motor warranty