Davit Master 600 lbs Davits

Starting at: $726.99

piling mount

Davit Master 600 lbs Manual Piling Mounted Davit (I-Beam Style)$847.89
Davit Master 600 lbs Manual Piling Mounted Davit$1,416.11

seawall mount

Davit Master 600 lbs Manual Seawall Mounted Davit $726.99
Davit Master 600 lbs Electric Seawall Mounted Davit (I-Beam Style)$1,274.99


Watercraft Lift Kit (STD)$436.62
Watercraft Lift Kit (H/D)$583.10


The small craft davit is very suitable for lifting a 2-seater PWC or light boat out of the water. Davits can mount on either a concrete seawall, or a piling, and they’ll rotate your craft over the dock or seawall. Davits mount out of the water to reduce corrosion.

When ordering a Davit for a PWC, a personal watercraft lift kit will be needed to connect to the PWC.


  • Davit mounts to a single piling or concrete seawall
  • Davit height is 6 ft 3 in. and reach is 3 ft 9 in.
  • Rotates 360 degrees for maintenance and storage
  • Boat davits mount completely out of the water
  • Galvanized steel construction for durability and strength
  • Davit PWC lift kit available for lifting personal watercraft.
  • Single part 3/16 in. cable



  • Seawall mounted davits require a 1/4 yard of concrete.
  • Pile-mounted davits require a piling sufficiently strong for the load. (Ask your dock builder.)
  • Pile-mounted davits require a piling 40 inches above the dock.


1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty